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How to Make Downsizing as Seniors Simple

How to Make Downsizing as a Senior Simple


Moving into a smaller home can make life simpler. There is less to manage, leaving you more time for doing the things you love. However, the process can be intimidating. Here is what you need to know to make downsizing easy.


Finding Your Home


To begin your search, think about the space you need, as well as your desired location and current budget. You may want to move closer to family and friends, but you need to think about the city itself. If your children live in a place with a high cost of living, you may want to pick somewhere nearby instead. Homes in Punta Gorda are currently being sold for a median price of $235,000.


Your well-being is also important, so factor in available health services and what there is to do in your chosen destination. This could include an active senior center and adult education options. Moreover, it should have low crime rates and good public transportation. If you are considering somewhere you have not been before, try to visit before making a purchase. This way, you can be sure you’ll enjoy living in your new community.


Downsizing Your Possessions


The best way to downsize is to give yourself ample time to do it. If you try to go through your home quickly, you may take more than you need or give away items you will miss. It is better to go through your belongings over a few weeks than to do one mass purge. You can always get a storage unit while you decide, as there are plenty of affordable options. Look for self-storage in your new town and compare rates to get the best price. 


When you downsize, you can keep some heirlooms in the family, but your children may not be in a position to take everything you’re trying to offload, so donating is another option. You can also list items, especially large pieces, online. Simply offer low prices with the caveat that buyers must move the items themselves.


Packing Made Easy


Packing requires the right supplies. The sturdier the box, the less likely it will break during travel. Have lots of permanent markers on hand to clearly label each box. The better you label everything, the easier unpacking will be. When you begin packing, start by boxing up items you won’t need in the immediate future, such as holiday decorations, off-season clothes, and extra dishware. Save items that you’ll continue using up until you move for last, like your toiletries, coffeemaker, and pet items.


Tips for Moving Day


Moving day can be difficult, so it’s a good idea to have help. If you hire a moving company, do your research to find the most reliable. Also ask friends or family who live nearby to help out on the big day, even if it’s a request as simple as providing you with company over a lunch break. Additionally, the most practical thing you can do for moving day is preparing an overnight bag. It should contain things you will need immediately in your new home, including medication, bedding, a change of clothes, and your toothbrush. Take plenty of rest breaks, and have snacks and entertainment on hand. Being prepared will make moving day much easier.


If you take the time to research and plan, your move will go smoothly. Let go of the things you don’t need, and settle into the home of your dreams. This is, after all, what our golden years are about, so enjoy your downsized life to its fullest!


Blog Courtesy of Michael Longsdon

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